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  1. Pipe down, you'd have been relegated if it wasn't for the completely unprecedented failure of goal line technology
  2. Is the Lanzini goal going to end up going down as an own goal though? Hits the post, comes back out and bounces in off Lloris' back doesn't it?
  3. Apparently there's an Akinfenwa face in the DP. Hope this isn't fake news, will build a myclub team around the Pansexual
  4. Think they're not allowed to wear shorts that are the same colour.
  5. It was always obvious that VAR was going to be s**t and really spoil the game yet loads clamoured for it. The problem is we'll probably never be rid of it now. Football peaked pre-VAR.
  6. Not a good look Cardiff chief exec saying they're losing millions and need a bail out from the EPL to then spunk £1.2m + £60k a week on Harry Wilson a week or so later. Can see the reluctance on the EPLs behalf there. Need to be getting money to L1 and L2 asap though.
  7. Don't know about China sorry.
  8. No. They're always the squads at the start of the competition (January).
  9. Looks like it's dead after todays meeting and the EPL is now planning on only bailing out League 1 and 2. Don't know how I feel about that. There are some Championship clubs with more finance behind them than some Premier League clubs, but then there's more that don't.
  10. So, "big 6" fans, yay or nay?
  11. Nana Ampomah will be saved from AWOL @GusNeib_, just signed on loan at Antwerp.
  12. What a fall from grace, from potentially feeding it forward to the likes of Chris Wood and Ashley Barnes he's going to be playing duffers like Lewandowski. Such a poor career choice.
  13. I would hope it will come back. In the meantime I just switch to desktop view on my phone and can see my balance.