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  1. Who cares about competition and the football clubs everyone else supports as long as the 15 with enough plastics around the globe to make this financially viable get more money, eh?
  2. So 12 - 15 clubs (well, their billionaire owners) should get a say but no one else? How is that an improvement?
  3. Ofcourse it kills the CL, it won't draw anywhere near the money it does now. The freak season you suggest wouldn't happen, some miss out every year but never all. These big clubs are effectively going to kill off domestic football as we know it just to grab more money for themselves. I don't get how you can call yourself a football fan and be happy with this.
  4. Again, in the short term. But year on year the finances will fall off a cliff until the point where the domestic competitions are so one sided and more professional clubs cease to be so as to become pointless.
  5. This kills the CL, that much is obvious to anyone, surely? And then replaces it with one that is pretty much invite only from the off and will almost certainly become a closed shop or require a buy in in future. It will also, pretty quickly, kill off competition at a domestic level too if not the leagues/clubs in a recognisable format. You've got to be pretty blinkered to not see this.
  6. Nope. This is a move by these clubs to make sure they get guaranteed European competition and the finance that comes with it without having to worry about the pesky game played on the pitch for 90 minutes each week getting in the way.
  7. You are reading it wrong. The clubs involved don't want competitors, that's the whole point.
  8. Well no, because this will eventually starve all the respective domestic leagues of finance to the point where we'll eventually end up with hardly any professional domestic clubs, at least as we know them, and a closed shop NBA/MLS style European Super League. There's 5 spaces allocated for "merit" at the moment but eventually they'll go (quicker if one of these "merit" teams had the temerity to win the thing) and they'll probably allow franchises to buy in or something to that effect. At least with the Champions League and Europa any team can qualify on merit (Hell, even Burnley got in t
  9. So as a City fan you weren't against FFP because it was something designed to give and exclusive group of big clubs an edge, simply that that exclusive group didn't include City?
  10. Drawing the lines to the wrong player PGMOL has tried to say they made the decision because they didn't have a good enough angle on Diagne (the actual scorer) so went with the onfield call (which arguably wouldn't have been made if VAR didn't exist) but they aren't fooling anyone.
  11. Told you you'd be told it's all in your head. By people who haven't played assisted in years, no less.