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  1. Confirmed, good game. You were unlucky with both the goals
  2. Haha, I'm annoyed at this, would rather we just get it played. We only had 12 senior outfield players available last weekend so that's below the threshold even before we sold Wood. Would still say we should just get some of the U23s out there.
  3. Could be worse, you could be raking in £25m and then targeting 33 year old Andy Carroll on a free as the replacement
  4. Actually quite optimistic. He's been dogger this season, missed more than his usual share of sitters. Up until the last few games we'd actually been OK just a few individual underperformers (Wood, Tarkowski, Pope) making mistakes meaning we just weren't getting results our performances would usually warrant. Last couple of games we've just looked like we're already relegated. This forces us to make a change* and gives us a big wedge of cash to do it. Everyone used to predict Burnley to get relegated and it gave us something to fight against, this season everyone's been "It's Burnley, they always survive, they'll be fine" and I think we lost our edge as a result. Now everyone says we're done, hopefully we get our edge back. Might not be enough but £25m for a player we wouldn't get £10m for in the Summer could be a blessing in disguise, if we don't panic and waste it. *unless Dyche does the depressingly predictable and rocks up at Cardiff with £10m for Kieffer Moore
  5. 5th guess, first time I've gone over 4 (only been playing 5 days tbf). Didn't get a single yellow which made it difficult.
  6. Tbf I completely missed that too. Was just about to install Deliveroo
  7. Done the maths on this by the way. If the probability of an LFT false positive is 0.01 (from a quick Google) and apparently The Cringe are claiming 13 false positives. The probability of that is 0.0000000000000000000046
  8. Too late now because they did such a s**t job of it at the start. They could have made it so that only covid cases could be used to postpone. Or if they were allowing injuries / suspensions / AFCON then those players would still be unavailable for any rescheduled fixture. Change the rules now you'd have clubs kicking off that integrity of the competition is f**ked, ignoring that that horse has already bolted.
  9. Loads of teams taking the p**s. Everton missing Calvert-Lewin and RIcharlison through injury? Get games postponed until they return. Newcastle pick up injuries to Saint-Maximin and Callum Wilson in a game where they field a full bench? Suddenly too many covid cases and injuries to play a game until they can spunk millions in the transfer window. AFCON will be the new one, The Cringe will put off as many big games as they can until Salah and Mane return, could field a side against League 1 opposition though.
  10. Think the odds of a false positive are 3 in 10,000 (so 3333/1) on an LFT. So it's bollocks, obviously, but the football authorities haven't had a grip on this from the start and are hardly going to use the darling Cringe to make an example at this stage.
  11. Leicester getting their game against Everton postponed in part due to having players at AFCON. I thought it was ridiculous before...
  12. Result: 3-0 ========== Home Team Manager: ClaretMatt Franchise: Feyenoord Players Info Scorers: S. SZYMANSKI, O. BURKE, J. ITO Assists: H. BARNES x2, A. MASINA Clean Sheet: S. JOHNSTONE MoTM (if applicable): H. BARNES ========== Away Team Manager: @baranello Franchise: Lokomotiv Moscow Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Goalless at half time a 3 minute brace from the hosts took control of the game before a late 3rd sealed the 3 points. SZYMANSKI got the first after collecting a loose ball and playing a quick 1-2 with BARNES to go clear on goal and blast home from 12 yards. BURKE came off the bench to get the second, getting on the end of a BARNES flick on header to score with a first time, outside of the foot chip past the keeper. ITO got the 3rd, collecting a MASINA cross that was behind everyone before rolling his marker and slotting the ball into the bottom corner. Well played, 3-0 certainly flattered me. Best of luck in the rest.
  13. Confirmed Cornet played a blinder but Eraso for you always scores against me!
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