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  1. *not minimalism, wanted to say minimalised but im not even sure thats a word
  2. Nah, just on the big screen at Barnet's Stadium, same type of people there as I encountered travelling through. I'll be honest I've always tried to minimalism it before, but there's no getting away from it. There's such a hostile nationalistic streak through the country in recent years, so can completely get people being put off by it all. Not at all inclusive or fun, just pricks looking to cause trouble. Such a shame as the team itself and manager are completely at odds to it all, and are genuinely a very humble, likable group.
  3. not just social media - london was full of absolute cretins yesterday. not a minority either, just boozed / coked up men looking for any reason to kick off or cause aggro. completely soured my mood to the point i wasnt that arsed when we lost.
  4. Result: 3 - 1 ========== Home Team Manager: Lucifa Franchise: Luton ========== Away Team Manager: @wheresmark Franchise: Goungzhou ========== Match Report: Very open game that should have had more goals. Well played mate, unlucky, good luck for the run-in.
  5. lucifa

    21/22 Kits

    also @ninjabean87 where do you usually buy your shirts from? the official stores? I use 'Classic Football Shirts' a fair bit as you can get some obscure ones for reasonable prices on clearance. Also came across this site the other week, you pay £30 and they send a random shirt.
  6. lucifa

    21/22 Kits

    Not an Arsenal fan and avoid getting shirts of other English clubs, but i love their third kit. Reminiscent of the 90s ones.
  7. Result: 0-1 ========== Home Team Manager: @lucifa Franchise: Luton ========== Away Team Manager: @ZakRemoor Franchise: Ajax ========== Match Report: Well played mate, lovely taken goal to round the keeper and take the win. Good luck in the rest. .
  8. Result: 3-0 ========== Home Team Manager: @lucifa Franchise: Luton ========== Away Team Manager: @tretopp Franchise: Internacional ========== Match Report: Tight game ultimately decided by freekicks, good luck in the rest.
  9. Just want to point out that while it may look like my goal hit the only player in front of an open net, the deflection was actually strategically placed to utilise the defender as a decoy.
  10. lucifa


    also if anyone wants tips on how to sh!thouse a win with 47% pass completion.... my PMs are open for mentoring
  11. lucifa


    Genuinely don't think anything on the current PES games is truly 'exploitable' ala the cutbacks in PES4 where the success rate was 99% and conceding was basically unavoidable. 3-5-2 is an obvious choice as fullbacks are ineffective, so having another man as a CB makes sense. Especially as most attacks are through the centre, and the two CBs are occasionally liable to part like the dead sea from time to time. Overt pressing is a tricky one. Agree it can be frustrating to play against if you're getting hounded over the pitch for the full 90 minutes, and it's probably easier to utilise than it should be. Alternatively, a team pressing is such a key component of attacking football I genuinely don't understand how people on here can voluntarily avoid it using it. Otherwise it just ends up being a tedious back and forth between packed defences with no space to exploit, which is even more frustrating to play against. One of the most enjoyable aspects for PEN for me the difference in playing styles between people, and I think PES does well at allowing that versatility. Being slow and patient can work, but so can going quick and direct. Sometimes you need to press high to get the ball back quickly, sometimes it's better to sit deep and absorb pressure for the bit. There's nothing better than recognising the patterns of play, making an adjustment or player change to adapt, then completely changing the tide of the game. Ultimately everything on the current game can be countered, nothing is exploitable, so moaning how people play is petty and mostly sourgrapes imo.
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