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  1. @Janguv or anyone Any tips for internal SSDs? I see few are out now that are compatible with PS5. What would be the advantages except storage? Do I really need it for just playing PES and few other games or is it better to go for cheaper external storage?
  2. Still doesn't mean that wet bulb 35 is dry bulb in the high 40s Google how temperature affects humidity, things should be clearer.
  3. Sorry Mark but that's just not true. You can have 50s and not have wet bulb 35. Also you can have 35 dry and wet also 35 but that's at 100% humidity. So yeah depends on the humidity. And the humidity is at it's highest during the night when dry temperature is at it's lowest of the day. And btw I'm not disagreeing with you about temperatures going up and effecting climate change. More danger comes from hurricanes forming, floods and similar natural disasters that happen because high temperatures then from as you say high temperatures that our body can't handle.
  4. IIRM #markfacts Yes! That's why when your body temperature is in the 40s you can die. Has nothing to do with air temperature. Deadly air temperatures depends on humidity, exposure, protection, direct heat and possibly to hydrate. And are usually measured by wet bulb temperatures. Better check that with your mate again
  5. Looks better than the trailer. I'm getting hyped
  6. Try the lethal difficulty, I believe it's called. One or two hits and you are dead but so are your opponents. Makes combat much more tactical. It's so satisfying to dodge an attack and then kill the opponent with one swing of the sword
  7. Yeah their main mode is MyPlayer. It's basically pay to win. You can technically improve your player by just playing the game but it would take forever to get on some decent level to compete online. So it's easier to spend few quid and off you go. But the rest of the modes are excellent, including the online franchise mode. Played in few sim online leagues before with like-minded people and it was great. Fully customizable and everything is done through the mode, stats, tables and even transfers. The more i play other sport games the more I see how much PES is behind and has been for years. Only thing they used to have was the gameplay. That's what worries me with €football, they could easily f**k that up. Actually I would be suprised if they didn't
  8. True but they still make the best offline franchise/career mode of all sports games and have one of the best gameplays while taking your money with gimmick modes They did it the right way. Some years ago they hired few people from the community to work on their games. Devs are always on Operation Sports posting development blogs and looking for feedback from the community. Their primary focus isn't on offline modes but they still deliver every year. Also everything is fully customizable, you can tailor the franchise mode and gameplay to your liking. It baffles why Konami still haven't introduce some kind of gameplay sliders when most if not all sport games have it
  9. Doesn't have to be up tbf
  10. Have a feeling €football will look like this. That beta felt more like FIFA than PES.
  11. Yeah agree with this, wouldn't make sense to leave out those modes, even if they are the same like last year (they are doing it for years now). My biggest worry is gameplay. New engine, cross play with mobile... How that even works? If it's going to be same/similar to beta it's going to be s**t. Also that trailer with them hyping 1v1 situations looked like s**t. Skating all over the place.
  12. I thought that beta thing was just a mobile port to test the servers. But looks like that could easily be the final game if they are doing cross platform with mobile FIFA here I come
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