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  1. Ps. Get your sweets on amazon
  2. Completely self fulfilling. The longer people don't treat this like a disaster/pandemic and carry on doing what they've done the longer people and the economy will die. I watched a bloke at sainsburys scratch his balls then put cereal back on the shelf. Thats why it makes a difference. If there's one thing this pandemic has done is highlighted and reminded us all how f**king disgusting and stupid the human race is
  3. Do none of you shop online ffs? Amazon Now is a god send.
  4. Great commentary @rambovanhardnut If you want to do some on xbox I have grudge matches against @donkeyhugger @Nuuthatch and @Trooper uk that will be explosive Also would love to co commentate with you
  5. a lot easier being the big fish in the small pond
  6. If youve got a link i have some mates who would probably be interested. f**k buying them for them though
  7. my final point is how fascinating this has been from a political perspective. It doesnt really fit the traditional party lines of tories pro business and labour pro welfare - it seems to have almost flipped those on its head with Labour positioning against lockdowns (but accepting with support) and the Tories actively wanting to shut businesses.
  8. And to put this into perspective, a 25% reduction in GDP is the same as everyone in the country taking a paycut of that amount. And then in the years following being taxed more. And with some rich elites profiteering so much, that actually means more is coming off the poorer families. So a lot of people will be 40% worse off when all said and done and itll take years to pay back what the furlough scheme and track and trace is costing. Its an impossible equation but lockdown seems a none option to me.
  9. This chart is a good visual representation and a damning indictment on the UK handling. Sweden went down the route of no lockdown and had a similar death rate to us (slightly better due to geography and scale of people movement) Korea went full lock down immediately and stopped all travel in and out.
  10. No they didnt have to. They were so stringent and responsive with lockdown that their cases never spiralled out of control the way ours did.
  11. No one is saying it isnt. But the scale and depth of how long its 'not pretty' for will be as a direct result of decisions made now. The economies of China and Korea are bouncing back like nothing ever happened already.
  12. Does anyone else think about where the money is coming from? This govt has wasted insane amounts of money through backdoor deals with mates and creating a bigger and bigger hole in the finances. Im against another lockdown for the economic perspective, but if we do and we are supporting those businesses, theres a risk its a slower death for them through what will have to come later in the form of taxes. I dont envy being responsible for making these decisions right now, but then again they seem to f**k up every one they do. We should have locked down harder and earlier (i was sa