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  1. Ordered my new Dortmund 90’s limited addition yesterday. Only 150k made. The demand has been so big I think Puma are considering making more. Loving how the printing is the same as the 95 away shirt. Got the original from when I was 18. Doesn’t fit me as well as it use to mind
  2. If you have any Schalke players. Might be a good time to try shift them. All but relegated after today. Unless they find 13 points from somewhere while other have as much of a dismal run as them. 18 goals and 75 against. The writings on the wall.
  3. Welcome to PEN mate. You might find this useful
  4. Dortmund weren’t going any other way in this comp. Been dreadful last few months. Had this horrible feeling Terzic was going to do a Di Matteo and limp them to the final. But our issues are a whole lot larger and if we’d beat City, it would’ve only covered them with a plaster. City deserves it over two legs.
  5. @Ericsmith is @Madhu Sanith like @Bane is @Ragnor
  6. Welcome mate. Best place for PES. You play for PEL by any chance?
  7. Can see the post mortum. Icke was right all along.
  8. And 3 of them are Bundesliga players but internationals.
  9. From my guys by the looks of it LB: L. Augustinsson 76 ➡️ 78 RB: P. Kaderabek 79 ➡️ 80 RMF: R. Steffen 75 ➡️ 79 CF: En-Nesyri 78 ➡️ 81 Kaderabek has been injured best part of the season , same with Augustinsson. Steffen has been playing well for Wolfsburg, but a 4 point jump
  10. Pesmaster is down for me atm. Now assuming half the site is visiting it.
  11. Xbox has ran like that for ages.
  12. Funny how threads like these always end up like this. Real broad spectrum of men in here.
  13. All the best guys. Great nucleus of players there trying to play a certain style which is Frillypink. Couple of freak results are not to be dwelled upon. You’ll definitely bounce back. I thought @SteveonPES made himself a feee agent though?