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  1. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Anyway. The Euro’s are for bums. Onto the World Cup we go!
  2. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Dykes must be sleeping with Clarke’s wife man. How’s that kunt still on? Scotland just love f**king with emotions though. No evidence to suggest we’d ever qualify, except hope..which we do best World Cup runners up and we thought we’d turn them over tonight. But that’s being a Scotland fan. Eternal optimism Wouldn’t change it.
  3. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Good season in Germany.
  4. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

  5. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Class finish. They’ve been playing that wee ball back to the edge of the box a few times. One had to come off.
  6. playing for the Celtic Nations or would’ve loved to!
  7. Result: 3-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Kaiser Franchise: Roma Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Bitter_rivals Franchise: Empoli Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Well played mate and Frillypink match. Great goal by the visitors to go 1-0, but the home team dug deep and thankfully the frontmen didn’t squander chances when they came their way. G
  8. Good game mate. Well played. Baby is still crying btw
  9. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Hate when it does that.
  10. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Get me Duda’s hair in the next update Konami!
  11. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Get me Duda’s hair in the next update Konami!
  12. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Get me Duda’s hair in the next update Konami!
  13. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Wrong sub ffs. Nearly called it
  14. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Yeah. I think the gap between him and the midfield is too big. Especially when Christie is dropping back to support. But yeah, a few half chances isn’t going to spook the CB’s. It’s more when Scotland have numbers going forward does they Czech defensive look a little unsettled.
  15. Kaiser-1

    Euro 2021

    Armstrong been a little wasteful in possession I feel. Only change I would make is drop Christie back for him and bring on Adams. Really try to get at that Czech defence which atm isn’t looking great when tested. They’re dealing with Dykes easy enough. Give them some more questions to answer