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  1. Yeah I was reading that also. I believe in Orc’s, defying gravity, magic etc. But people of colour….Too much!!
  2. I also told the guy about this place. Hopefully if Konami gets it’s s**t together he might join up.
  3. I came across another Manual player last night. A good game and chatted to him afterwards. What’s interesting is I asked him his thoughts and he also commented on the locking issues. it’s definitely a thing despite others saying it isn’t.
  4. Let me build a Dortmund. I will come…. Twice!
  5. He won’t get that space in England like in Germany… Farmers league….
  6. Kaiser-1

    Prem 22/23

    I’d have sacked him for that f**king cardigan alone. Culture wars, that’s why he was sacked. Scott Parker. English. Captain. West Ham. not allowed these days is it , to be this person. Right @Hammergc?
  7. I’m on PA1 just now. I feel manual has far to many variables and locking issues. I’m enjoying it atm, not going to lie, but maybe I’m playing the right type of players. Not met too many arseholes yet.
  8. Well it is. No online modes “yet” that allows this community and the 11v11 to play. Completely deviated from their roadmap. Can only see them doing it as a “Dream team Vs Dream team”. But if guys keep spending, why should they care. All about those “exclusive” deals with teams now that FIFA can’t get. More content like the MLS and Mexican leagues that we can’t play as a stand alone league.
  9. Surely that should be a concern as it effects PEN long term, no? An broken game kills this site unfortunately.
  10. If @SteveonPES can’t beat these bums he really should Jack it!
  11. You could’ve downloaded the pS4 version for free when they were giving the PS5 one away last month. Think you’ll have missed the window for the freebie.
  12. Kaiser-1

    The Boys

    Not one thread about this?!
  13. Brother Venom. Frillypink toy see you again pal. Horrible news on the robbery mate. If you so return I’m sure the admins will take delight not adding scorers and assists to your cricket scores you post
  14. Good game mate. Totally going through the motions. But at least the chats something lol Good luck in your other fixs mate.
  15. Actually enjoying this somewhat
  16. Yeah mental game mate. Days gone by I’d have thrown a pad against the wall with some of that, but accept my fate with it now. Get more fun out the chats lately than the games 4 goals and no winner. Bonkers! Frillypink chatting pal. Good luck in the rest and see you in the return.
  17. Frillypink. I’m having garbage with the roulette spins. A shiny exhaust was the only thing I got to shout about. But it doesn’t diminish the love I have for the game just now.
  18. Don’t know why the bottom one was there Thought it looked overly racist!
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