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  1. Some good keepers about, but sirigu who scary has for me is best I have played against.. He is 1st class but so fkin frustrating to play against.. Any other keepere that coaches hate playing against ' but deep down would love them. Cheers
  2. Even offered c wood for him " Never got a reply Cheers
  3. @donkeyhugger ye sirigu is 1st class cnut Mot Cheers
  4. F1 is amazing graphics wise too.. Cheers
  5. Can't believe they will not change the venue for the final ' with what's goin on in the world. Cheers
  6. Lanyard get them on jet ski m8 if u fall off engine cuts out Mot Cheers
  7. Ye very tight 1st half 1 -1 m8 Then it was gabbiadini n costa show Thanks for game scary best luck for season mot Cheers
  8. Ye gg donkey Best luck for season Mot Cheers
  9. What's wrong with a Straight in with head butt then with punch to throat .. If cnut get after that? RUN Mot Cheers
  10. Result: 3-1 ========== Home Team Manager: trooper Franchise: arsenal sarandi Players Info Scorers: pululu x2 og Assists: costa x1 hughes Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): pululu ========== Away Team Manager: @Leonidas 540bc Franchise: paok Player Info Scorers: hwang Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Good game this arsenal take the lead through lulu with a neat finish bottom left corner' Paok equalise through hwang after arsenal fail to cle
  11. Thanks for game ye very gg Best luck for season Mot Cheers
  12. X leeds service crew members oh how things have changed Mot Cheers
  13. Love a Morris dancer n dance Mot Cheers
  14. Ye a argie derby cagey game wihh some meaty challenges " thanks 4 game m8 what a free kick by your lad though. Good chat Best luck for season