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  1. I can only say that in April there were just some friends of friends of some guy who actually was covid positive. right now, my bandmate got infected from his wife who's MD, my street neighbor spent a week with an oxygen tube at the hospital and everybody knows someone 1st hand who has been positively tested or got really sick Polands healthcare is a clusterf**k as in you wait 6hrs until they place you even if you are already having breathing problems and I'm genuinely worried after meeting some friends over the weekend, wasn't it too relaxed. so yeah, I'd adhere to restrictions
  2. i got q70, didn't want to spend another 250pounds on c9, also wanted to have seamless connectivity to mobile as we're a samsung household got 55' for some 500pounds, was a good price it's great for ps4, movies as well, I'm struggling a bit for football but probsbly that's a problem with low fi streams on 4k display
  3. samsung q70 (q80,90) from qleds. LGs c9 line for true oled, heard great things about them, only vice is burnouts if you keep the same thing on a screen for very long (pes score badge haha) both support hdmi 2.1
  4. yeah thanks the gods of football :rock:
  5. yeah...funny how FCK got out... they walked over Piast (Polands third team last season) in the previous stage, now this. obviously polish league is more gash then anyone imagines. Legia also out vs Quarabag, no substance in that team, polish champion pfffff
  6. or probably every new gen launch is more and more confusing and poeople feel they're getting screwed on day 1. series s, mickey mouse crippled specs console. series x, next gen fullflavour but hey, remember? we're launching 'pro version' in a year, this will be the 'real' one i guess not everyone takes the bait this time. xone x is the best previous gen had to offer and with superb games selection in game pass, will probably cripple current gen sales as long as it stays on the market sony is not doing themselves a favor either with unclear backwards compatibility and soaring
  7. cześć, to forum jest po angielsku, ale w pes 17 chyba już się nie da w ogóle wyłączone raczej serwery. ale tegoroczny pes jest dość tani (120pln) więc warto kupić tegoroczną edycję. tutaj ligi idą w pes2020, teraz już w 2021. pzdr
  8. sorry for you guys. well certainly Cyprian teams are never easy, people think they are a Mickey mouse outfits, but they play offensive game and don't speculate too much also obviously second hand ligue 1 craftsmen are better than Poland/Serbia top class league 'stars'
  9. yah yah but wheres the 'itdoesntworkhurtsmyeyesblamethedavo' thread ?
  10. email post notification contains only x limited characters, instead of the full post. fyi @DavoteK
  11. hmm must have been someone else then.. but you're missing big fun, I tell you
  12. you might be insulting @RenPalmeiras poor lad has a fiver
  13. last time I saw her, yes but wasnt looking too close at that time :lol,: