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  1. Juustiiiiiiiiiiiice
  2. Sod keeping squads, quite a few of our players won't be around, will be 36 and different attributes anyway because of it. Reset I say, after a season or 2 with fixed teams to be given a squad of new players will be a massive boner moment, market would be crazy. DD guarantee end of first season, would continue the buzz for the second. Few fafs, ocw, ycm, pen would be on fire for first few seasons. Market needs shaking up, reset forces that,as long as there's constent slow flow of cash. Fixed community nights rather than random, Sunday and a weekday, everyone's knows when and what they are getting so u can plan your cash going forward, just like it used to be. I'm rather excited, apart from loss of market, it will be a good, total new challenge for most with a fixed team.
  3. Good I'm in. I remember in 2013 when we had just set teams, I was Sunderland the black cats(mikyjustice), and even without the market it was good. It was great playing games, the same as it is now. Market comin in changed it for the better obviously, but it's about the competitiveness and with a fixed squad it makes no difference. Strongest teams to finish this season have the worser pick of teams or a straight raffle?
  4. Agreed...... But not with his sly feminine remark on how I played. I had 3 at back, you was p**sed and seeing double. I see this game as a loss of 2 points for me realy, that'll teach me for playing one handed.
  5. Agreed Hold on a minute, @CMYKhazi just score from well in his own half, post it up son. Good game, sad to see its the last time we shall meet ever in league, we've always matched each over as we are always in bottom division hahaha. The best man won in the end 😎
  6. Don't know why I'm tagged here but love it 😂
  7. Result:. 0....1 ========== Home Team Manager: mikyjustice Franchise: river plate Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @baranello Franchise: sporting braga Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: ** Gg Well plyd
  8. Agreed GG m8, yeah pookeynoodle of a goal that
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