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  1. This s**t just getting worse, Russia claims regions of Ukraine, threatens to defend them with nukes Ukraine now applying to join NATO, I can see an even worse disaster here
  2. It all just increases the hype - which actually disappoints me in regard to Fury he doesn’t really need to crank it up the way he does
  3. Gleefully gambling with the economy and people’s lives f**kers
  4. Yeah the same Fury who retired then came back impulsive move tho
  5. I’ve said it before, they know they are on the way out so taping the country of as much wealth as they can before their demise f**kers
  6. the annoying young Val Kilmer wannabe?
  7. Wow the Tories brazenly introduce a mini-budget that is cutting the tax paid by those who earn more than £150,000. This means higher earners will pay the same rate as those on £50,000. Tax cuts for the rich. f**k you on working people.
  8. Yeah, Tiktoks don’t embed here so I tweet em then copy the tweet them to post here It’s the boomer in me
  9. Wait I got this code a week or 2 ago and was playing it on Sunday. Is this a new code or something? or another new beta this weekend?
  10. Bully

    LOTR - Rings of Power

    I’m a massive LOTR fan too Zee, read the books multiple times in my youth, including the Silmarillian, but losing patience a bit. Maybe I was a bit tired during that last episode, and the kids also moaning a bit about it didn’t help.
  11. Anyone else played the beta? Pretty fun game as usual and I will likely get the Cross Gen bundle
  12. Bully

    LOTR - Rings of Power

    I hate to say this but it’s boring as f**k
  13. I’m no royalist and actually agree with the sentiment, but this was class at the lowest level on the eve of a funeral…….
  14. You gotta love this guy
  15. https://ee.co.uk/why-ee/4g-coverage
  16. EE and three both have coverage checkers Three checker EE checker see what’s best at home/work and go with that
  17. I have a three contract - unlimited data and coverage is great at home but not great in the city centre I also have an EE 200MB SIM which I use in a mobile router that I use at holiday home for streaming etc. EE is great as well
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