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  1. I did on the òg thread. Went argies too, though after 1st dew games brazil look good, as do Spain
  2. I'd say your posts do go up and down
  3. 5 mins later..... 😂
  4. What happened to the other one? Richarlson's 2nd goal
  5. Some kind totally reject alcohol and you be vomitting all over the shop. Should google the ones you have, see what they say about them
  6. https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/ Use this site to see if you're actually getting a bargain
  7. @DavoteK looks like the sites been hacked 👆
  8. Dont see any noticable differences so far tbh
  9. It needs a brand new f**king game! 😂
  10. Sure, i get that. However, not everyone plays AI matches. Some folk are hars pushed to play fixs never mind playing a few games vs AI just so they csn participate in transfer market. Im talking about the extreme possibility, i just feel that getting transfers without edit mode will be a non-runner
  11. Transfers won't work in this version of efitba. To transfer you need gp in game. Although Konami does fire out gp a bit, there could still be managers with no gp available and although they have ℗ they'll not be able To buy. It's a shambles and looks like it will remain this was for the foreseeable future.
  12. Top of the league, lookin down on the swinny...
  13. Get where you're coming from, but with a ratings cap, very unlikely your scenario will happen. Personally, I think it's the style of play PEN shields us from, rather than players used.
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