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  1. He's a good lad Si , runs the Open Goal podcast which is much the same as under the cosh, but more focused on Scottish players. Great laugh though... This one is brilliant PS if you tought a Barnsley accent was hard to tune into
  2. djquantum


    Started this last night. Never even heard of the comics never mind read them so going in with no idea what it's about. Pretty good start, watched 2 and will work through the series this week. Liking it!
  3. More points thìs week than all last season! 😂 Midfield and def pretty week, it's all about the salaand for me :p:
  4. I'm live on Twitch, come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/djquantum?sr=a
  5. Going with this to start. Looking to finish higher than last season! 😂
  6. This was class. Based on books by Mick Herron. Love all the spy stuff, this was right up my strasse.
  7. djquantum


    Ah, I thought he may kick the bucket, obvs not! Will read the link after the series finishes, not heard the story before. Finale is tonight
  8. Haha a secret team! We all havthe same pool to choose from you think you've unearthed a gem
  9. Edit: missed Kenny's post! Batter in
  10. djquantum


    Been watching this the past few nights. Well Hooked. Glad I missed it when it 1st aired as waiting a week for next episodes is a pure ballache! Great show though, recommend it highly.
  11. Yeah, I think we'd need an actual edit before having proper leagues. Otherwise some teamed would be levelled up like mad and other on the starter players. On a different note, I dropped 8 quid to buy coins so I could get the Celtic rated squad (well 1st 11 and they're not all in correct positions!) . Been playing with them whenever I'm on
  12. @Bully 1 - 3 djquantum Bully 1 - 1 Djquantum DJquantum 2 - 0 bully DJquantum 3 - 1 bully Ggs man, wp
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