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  1. Manual feels broken. I’ve done PA1 with lower rated players and with star players and it feels like a different experience.
  2. Already sold 50k tickets in a day. 🙄 Yeah right. Appeared on resale sites straight away so it’s only mugs and touts that bought one. Imagine paying more than face value for this sh1tshow. I can’t imagine Fury wanting to brutally knock out his buddy so maybe we’ll see an injury, head clash, something suspicious so both come away unscathed but still getting paid.
  3. Not necessarily a gem that can be trained up but Omur is a 71 rated AMF that can play as 71 rated RMF and 71 rated LMF. Versatile. I also have an 84 rated RMF version. 😬
  4. Fury v Chisora 3 The fight no one needs to see. What a bag of sheeeite. Dubois on undercard, would’ve rather seen him v Fury. I know he’s entitled to an easy mandatory defence now and then but this is awful.
  5. It is 2000, the 2200 was a suggestion for a league, along with a range of players we could possibly have in our squad.
  6. In that case our options are very limited aren’t they? If we opted for something like the above format we could probably sign up, submit teams and be up and running by mid November.
  7. Think it makes people think a bit too, some might go for 80 rated CF and others might opt for an 80 rated GK. I’ve never understood people having 82 rated star right backs etc.
  8. Could use as is but if someone wants to train players to raise that play style they’ll risk going over the 2200 cap so it’s then risk v reward, how much does someone want to increase play style. Also makes you think about the players you add because if you’ve got a manager with possession as main play style you wouldn’t then want loads of players with really low rating for that style unless you were going to train them.
  9. Yes only saw that as a temporary measure to get some leagues up and running. Not sure how long we’ll have to wait for master league? Any updates on that mode?
  10. 1 x 78-80 rated 3 X 75-77 rated 5 X 72-74 rated 6 X 69-71 rated 3 X 68 and under rated Squad strength up to 2200 (stops anyone having 7 really low rated bench players) A suggestion above for a squad of 18 players. Can swap out 3 players a month. (Set dates) Wouldn’t be able to have a transfer market but would have a league format.
  11. Samaris is 71 DMF and he’s decent for the rating
  12. They upgraded the graphics from Pit Fighter to Mortal Kombat 1. 😬
  13. If B sample miraculously came back clean it would suggest sample A somehow got contaminated in the testing lab. (Or Eddie Hearn stuffs a brown envelope full of notes and they make it happen)
  14. Because supposedly you have to request it and pay for it. If they do that and it’s also containing Clomid (it’s from same urine sample as A) then he’s getting banned isn’t he?
  15. Isn’t that usually highlighting you need to take someone out that’s suspended, red card in previous match? I might be thinking of something else. In game plan?
  16. I’ve currently got a DAZN subscription but I’m going to cancel it. They were adamant that PPV was dead and they wouldn’t be taking that route. £20 for this is a joke, I hate the PPV model full stop. A boxing fan now needs a sky sports subscription, BT Sport subscription and a DAZN subscription plus you then still pay extra for PPV. Talk about bending you over dry. 😳
  17. Should’ve headed it, the big fanny. 😜
  18. Not sure how the words “not my King” are threatening or abusive, as per that public order act.
  19. Great album, Frankly Mr Shankly my personal favourite.
  20. I’ve backed Usyk rounds 7-12, can see him stopping AJ this time. Maybe even within 6 rounds but I was thinking more so about round 8. Could be one of those where they both have to climb off the canvas. Noticed some mental fragility with AJ way back as far as the Parker fight. They don’t need to suss each other out for 6 rounds as they’ve already been 12. Usyk knows he can hurt AJ and I don’t think AJ can handle the pressure if Usyk is relentless early on.
  21. Back in about 2000 I saw Coldplay as a support act for Embrace at Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Shiver was getting air play by Jo Whiley and their 1st album was coming out. They’ve come a long way since. I’ve seen them a few times since at Indoor Arena shows too and always put on a good show. Not sure I’d enjoy a Wembley gig, maybe a bit too big. Were you standing or in the seats? I can’t stand watching on the screens. Had same at boxing events at footy stadiums and just don’t enjoy them.
  22. Now that’s not strictly true is it Brizz? 😜
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