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  1. He moved towards the player on one but regardless there more often than not a penalty , feels like its working more against him , being who he is.
  2. Utd got some luck. Dont know what Ronaldo has to do to get a pen West hams was a definite pen , fair play to Lingard for showing some respect , cracking goal though.
  3. Never seen a reaction like that to a player before. At 11am at the station viva ronaldo was deafening , and it just got better. What a day.
  4. Seriously its not. Everyone is hit by this , when people do what your doing its above hero.
  5. If you want to work the core properly the older exercises like squats and bench press are the way to go. They work all the stabiliser muscles and are better in the long run.
  6. If he gets a run of consecutive games his confidence will grow and he will be a Big asset for Leeds , good news for wales too.
  7. If the midfield stays as it is there will be no trophies. Was not impressed with the Sancho signing and still very underwhelmed with what ive seen of him , fearing another german league stat player here.
  8. Been playing in a team with no clear attacking identity though. Absolutely true about a lucky to turn a profit , even more so with the pandemic. Fully expect him to do better at leeds though , there will be more movement for him.
  9. If Man Utd dont address the Cmf position its fighting for scraps at best. Sorry to say Fred is one of the poorest players ive seen in a while. Obviously delighted to see Ronaldo back but after watching the wolves game its a worrying situation seen as they were outplayed for large periods again.
  10. Dan James wrapping up his move to Leeds. Not the most technically gifted but a fantastic work rate and attitude , wish him all the best. The lad never hid and always gave his all , some players there could have learnt a hell of a lot from him. Think Bielsa will help him progress and he could be a real weapon in the leeds system.
  11. 6 weeks on from freedom day Ive gone and got covid , not only that but quite a few people I know are getting it. next wave incoming I think. Nothing to do now for 10 days and have absolutely no sense of taste or smell , its going to be a long stint. I blame Boris.
  12. Utd still garbage to watch. never be good with the likes of fred in there
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