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  1. So, it sounds like you are accusing me of cheating, on top of saying I'm greedy, what a lovely person you are. I'm happy to prove me and Limposters are not the same person if you'd care to do a video link with us both. By the way, PEN spirit means you don't use dodgy formations and get salty when things don't go your way. So be careful who you accuse of cheating mr hack down your opponents when they are through on goal.... You are only a small step away from being at Leedudes level. I'd continue this conversation if I wanted to give myself a headache from your idiocy, but I think I'll give it a miss this time. I wish you well in your future trolling, buying cheap, selling for inflated prices, poor sportsmanship and generally crap attitude. Good luck man, I really do mean that as well.
  2. I'm sorry, is there a problem here? You seem to be quite angry about something. Have I done anything to upset you? I don't always read or remember every notification. Frillypink detective work though.
  3. I thought it was a replacement for PES whilst efootball sorted their friendly lobbies. It is the only viable option at the moment and that alone is good enough for me. It looks ok on next gen as well, not as good as efootball or PES... But ok and a solid stand in.
  4. I'm not sure where I've been constantly scrounging for payouts. A very devious and incendiary comment designed to
  5. Well, again, just referring a very simple question to Davo, and only Davo. Lots of nosy parkers on here who can't wait to jump in and get all up close and personal for some reason. FOMO? The only reason I asked is because Davo mentioned this in the original post (see below), that's all. I have plenty of PENce, I don't need anymore and greedy is not a Frillypink term to throw at people so behave @miken333and play Frillypinkly. ----------- Loyalty For those that complete this season and any subsequent season we do on eFootball, when the market does eventually open up, we will implement some loyalty bonuses to reward those that ensured PEN's longevity by participating and completing these eFootball League seasons (and the current season), be it PENce, a mini player draft, priority team choice and so on. Without doubt, one of the most turbulent times for PEN since we re-opened in 2013, a true test of the community and its only right that those that have stuck by the place during are rewarded. ----------- I know it doesn't mention fifa and talks about future seasons etc, and maybe I shouldn't have brought it up, but it felt like the right thing to do for my fellow PENrs who have opted in as they are keeping the community alive. I'm happy for them all to get PENce and me none @miken333 as I'm here for the PEN "spirit" as well, although thats been in rather short supply recently from some. Thanks for organising the Fifa thing by the way.
  6. I was just asking the question of Davo. I'm sure the answer would have been no, but let that decision rest with him as no disrespect to yourself or @BatrielGabistuta, you chose not to join the fifa community event so it has nothing to do with you. All said in the most respectful way of course.
  7. Ha. No, just want PEN to continue as normally as possible and for the loyal players to be rewarded for keeping the fires burning. I can't play a 16 year old game. Even fifa 22 is better than that. No point in looking to the past for answers to today's problems.
  8. It's not free on any platform. Pes never used to be free either, but we all bought it. Just saying, people could join if they wanted, but made a choice not too.
  9. I'm not arguing, but, why can't everyone take part? I hate fifa, have no money and I'm in.
  10. @DavoteK Any loyalty rewards for the hardy few that are enduring fifa 22? I know its a community event, but, it is keeping the candle lights of hope flickering despite Konami attempting to blow them out.
  11. I have next gen version on xbox. What's everyone got on xbox? @Xbox League
  12. I think there is an old and new generation like PlayStation.
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