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  1. Besides the obvious ones… Chris Delia, theo von, Joey diaz, ari shaffir. Just to name a few
  2. I read the patch notes and it says that they made improvements on the corset changing so we’ll see
  3. Great game on pc I feel like I wouldn’t enjoy it with a controller but on game pass still a beauty
  4. This is what these discussions are for, and if people have solutions it would be more productive than just complaining… not saying you shaka but in general if people offered solutions it might help better these changes going forward
  5. It really would make sense to just go up player base rating stats instead of training but everyone also did vote on it. So democracy wins
  6. Maybe we can have rules on certain players and how much they can be trained. Like say for example 70-75 rated players can only be trained up 2 ratings or something similar like that. this is also not forever it’s only until we get a competent edit mode within the next 6 months
  7. I would say you can just buy players based off the base stats, age, irl status & develop them how you see fit.
  8. looks like theres a 3 day maintenance coming here soon? i wonder if there will be any major additions once theyre done a surprise cross platform would kick this league start into overdrive
  9. This should be fun. I probably will train players stats only where I think they should be at compared to real life. A lot of players under rated where those stats should be higher
  10. maybe would be better to put a rule on how many players you can use under 66 or whatever the rating may be.
  11. i understand the min player ratinng but i dont like it because theres a few players i actually use in my team who are under 66 that play well in game : (
  12. I think that’s correct as far as I know
  13. I think he’s alluding to picking only players with ➡️ (Yellow/C) form that specific week whilst playing ratios and not playing players who IRL are on form in turn making them have B or A that week coincidently
  14. As long as nobody is taking the p**s I think it’s dumb just to waste more time find new players that are on C form that week (and each player has form stat too so technically you can pick all players with high form even on C, once in prematch it would most likely go up) these are friendlies after all, it’s not that deep. these are small issues that won’t matter once leagues start up 👍🏼
  15. I’ve noticed many times the AI response for quick short passes just seems to be really off at the moment, not sure if it’s manual in general or manual with bums like you say! @Jkotsees it too
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