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  1. Don’t cut them. Stand further away from the ball
  2. Gotta agree with this. City and Chelsea wanting voting rights to be able to stop other teams from being as fortunate as them with a huge buy out.
  3. No chance. NBA2K has always been head and shoulders above PES and nearly every other sports title for how it looks visually
  4. 😅 good luck. Try pace yourself, stay deeper as you won’t need to chase your man as far. Remember today’s the difficult day, get easier each week and is loads of fun. RIP your legs back and arse for the next 2 days 😅
  5. We signed Kimbwala yesterday. Excellent defensive prospect. French u17 captain
  6. Yup. You’d think he’d be paid for the duration even if it’s just to stop this kind of conversation
  7. These lizards you’re showing here are everywhere in Madeira
  8. Cool looking animal though. What’s the cage/heating and habitat like? Expensive set up?
  9. When’s your delivery date? Yeah release games look s**te, almost stopping me from buying one - what’s the point in buying a next gen console with no next gen games
  10. Can a s**tty laptop run the game? Doesn’t look very graphic heavy
  11. Luiz is A position DMF though. but not this guy. Is he just as good at CB?