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  1. Brizzle

    The World Cup

    I’m sure of a good performance against the bungalow’s will see us do fine
  2. Brizzle

    The World Cup

    Kane looked injured to me, or at least not fully fit
  3. Brizzle

    The World Cup

    Pretty boring watch this is Would of liked to of seen Foden on by now
  4. Brizzle

    The World Cup

    Don’t believe everything you read then copy and paste man, just like covid stuff
  5. Brizzle

    The World Cup

    Iran looking good, not the push over that most think
  6. Been in a bit of pain this week with toothache and I need some work doing, route canel 😞, so dentist gave me two lots of antibiotics Now, mates birthday Friday so going out, and silly old me took the first does of tablets this morning then remembered about going out and getting hammered I know everybody says don’t drink on them but has anybody ever?
  7. What’s going on with it, all day I’m seeing people say it’s the end of Twitter
  8. I know I’m not your cup of tea man, but that is quality
  9. I have no idea what you mean mate
  10. What’s Putin doing now bombing Poland? 2 dead today at a farm there 12 km outside border
  11. Think ps5 will struggle to get 12 managers for efootball…that’s if there is going to be a season on it Time to party again with good old friends
  12. Went for the Xbox x in the end
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