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  1. Someone’s getting sacked in the morning 😆😆😆😆
  2. Score was 0-1 to me Totally outplayed him, scored a GOTS too Well played Dan, love you
  3. The figures being dished out from the government are bollocks A guy got ran over while on his bike few weeks back, sadly passed away but they put it down to covid, another guy had heart attack while working, again sadly passed away but again it’s covid on his death certificate Went to mr Mrs uncle’s funeral other week, while outside having a cig got speaking to one of the guys who works there, was surprised at what he told me about all what’s been going on the last 18 months Seems hospital’s are the worst place to be then
  4. Well Mo did a great fart today didn’t he
  5. Name anyone who’s playing better
  6. Jealousy hurts doesn’t it He’s the best in the world at the min, no one can argue that
  7. Outside parliament or number ten If you lay in a road your asking for trouble, it’s like putting your fingers into an electric saw, s**t will happen. Do you know one of these protesters?
  8. They could do it somewhere else Glueing themselves to the road is a bit pathetic
  9. I get they want to protest but how they are doing this is now getting out of hand, At the start there was some support for them, but now people are just fed up with them, and they are putting peoples lives at risk
  10. Maybe a bit Ok, smack them with a baseball bat
  11. These idiots that are sitting on the roads and motorways, Should we be allowed to run them over, talk about GTA style
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