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  1. Managed to lower our payments to £200 a month, which is better than what I was expecting Still not sure how this £65 each month works though that they give you, does this get paid into your bank or your account? Might still try to get it down more with a phone call
  2. No self respecting bloke uses TikTok, let alone a guy of Bully’s age!
  3. Would still love our police to be like this simple, no matter what poles or charts you can Google
  4. Love you too x They’d be far less crimes committed if we did have this over here
  5. Need them over here, our Police are gutless Place down the road was getting robbed, a call came out over the mic for anyone to go and assist, but two coppers stayed with the old guy who’s car had a broken brake light, and they were just 1/2 mile away
  6. It’s sat, uncle bully is on the red
  7. Sweet!! Can see me being addicted to this, played it few times on PC but always wanted it on console Used to play Premier Manager on Mega drive years ago and loved it too, kind of game I love
  8. Coming to PS5 in November
  9. Heard this week that he has been suffering with his speech recently and has been told he’s got Apraxia, never heard of it myself but he’s done this podcast this week telling everyone about his up bringing and what he’s going through All the best man
  10. Nah, just a Randy old man thing with me
  11. I’ve signed in every day for last 10 days and not had free coins yet, just GP
  12. Great game mate, two pen saves… Now ref given a 3rd, think this ref won’t make it out the ground tonight
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