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  1. the only one of the royals i really liked R.I.P CHARLES is now the KING in waiting ?
  2. full reset ! everyone pick their own squad up a value of 2200 pts then introduce transfers when possible
  3. playing legend and it rocks so much better than superstar try it buds !!! manual all the way and no locking issues (whatever that is )
  4. Played 1 dream team match so far online Only have nothing but praise for it Super connection through out the 90mins Playing on manual against assisted And won 2-1 with the legend jjjjeeerrry scoring the winner in the 92min!!!
  5. took the plunge last night(online) got bored playing AI will post video later
  6. another good update game is excellent against AI for me (playing manual all the way )s not playing online games (only if PEN leagues start )
  7. played against ai last night and efootball is going the right way played 3 games with a dream team (sh1te mode ) defending is hard (thats a good thing ) but can only play the odd night atm i think the game will be soo much better in october !!!
  8. MK DONS ,@ 15/1 div 1 L ORIENT @11/1 div2 Barcelona+juventus @10/1 double BELGIUM @ 14/1 WC
  9. not sure about WHITE at the back ? @CMYKhazi
  10. backed arsenal @ 40/1 for the title
  11. jjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeerrrryy!!!!
  12. A complete reset of lges and teams Maybe it can be done before lobbies are up
  13. The greatest FOX In The BOX EVER!!! Jjjjjjjjjeeerrrryy C Jerome
  14. Now trying 4_2_3_1 possession There is a very good game in there Another few patches should sort it @zeemeister
  15. have it now bud using gasperini with quick counter player progression before stats ? am going to get rid of my pen team and start fresh really liking this now am only playing against AI atm til my team gets stacked ! is there any chance of finding a gem ? wont be using the superstars at all @zeemeister
  17. any link for starTing DREAM TEAM MODE what s the best way to start out ? am bored as f*ck with authentic teAMS @zeemeister 7
  18. another div 1 match DREAM TEAM sh1te
  19. 2 good FUMA players in DREAM TEAM MODE
  20. watched another DREAM TEAM vid YSN ranked 290 , ISR ranked 9 . only scorers in game were messi ,neymar and mbappe all 12 !!! DREAM TEAM what a pile of sh1te !!
  21. getting to play a few games of efootball at night after hospital visits ( wife now 6 weeks in ) my defending is way better than a few days ago scoring more frequent now as well am enjoying it more as i get better , has a long way to go i know to appeal to the masses !! but am thinking it can only get great again with many updates through out the year hopefully lobbies and ML available then
  22. Am playing against the computer for the last couple of nights am enjoying it Won my first game against AI last night 😊 It reminds me when I started playing pes for the first time Finished pes now loved it Just have to keep getting better at ef
  23. Love the video bud had a great laugh and yes there is flaws
  24. i did slate this earlier but had a go this morning before work and actually enjoyed it having said this i am sure there is a lot of flaws in there but it maybe getting there lets hope so !
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