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  1. There is a reason why we are the f**king best in the world and this is it.
  2. Same, played about 3 games only
  3. Haven't played it at all yet. Will give it a bash this evening
  4. You stuck that head up that Xbox arse pretty quick fella
  5. Lots of things getting patched on the pitch.
  6. Will still have limited team strength will still be played with the PEN ethos. I think we will be ok tbh. Everything will have a limit to ensure it does not get out of hand but we have to start somewhere
  7. I think it will be a matter of the trainability of the player? So if for example i have musaila it won't not matter how i train him as someone else may want him to train in his own way We all know the value of the players IRL to a degree Dont hold your breath Seriously though it seems something is brewing but I don't trust konami
  8. So for clarity only one player 80-83 zone right?
  9. Miss the hustle and bustle too man Santatek and TDD
  10. You can train away as you please but stay within your teams ovr limit or cap whichever we eventually go with
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