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  1. Goes from bad to worse, just checked his team, he’s triple captained DCL the b*****d
  2. Benched. pookeynoodle hasn’t featured for the last 2 matches ffs
  3. Last minute change, Maddison out, Mahrez in. -8 but a much more exciting pick with McNeil now benched so sod it
  4. Failed it 1st time, mainly because I did zero prep & my sister wanted some company. Passed it the 2nd time Just the 5 driving tests followed before I actually managed to pass the b*****d Nerves got the better of me. Although never been done for speeding, never had an accident (Admittedly did get banned for 3 months for an alcohol related offence, but my driving still excellent )
  5. Iheanacho & Vardy out, Antonio & Ings in Quite liked DCL too, but ended up basing it off ownership in the end. Taken a -4, although I’m not liking McNeil in the midfield so may yet take a -8. That said, I’m playing 1st place in my works H2H this week, now only 2 points behind in the league Do I need unnecessary hits
  6. How are you fund wise? Raphina & Antonio spring to mind there. Or even Bamford actually.
  7. Pep wanted him. Serves you right you sniping f**kers
  8. I think Tyler has aged really badly these past few years, loved him on this though, thought he nailed it. Although he could have said anything tbf
  9. Will never forget Mancini shouting “f**k you” to his players. Most managers would try & rally the troops, not Bobby Manc the mad b*****d, love him!
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57098432 Interesting turn of events, hard to see how DAZN can get any kind of foothold in the UK market without football on its platform
  11. Admittedly, this stemmed from a Midget Gem discussion, one of my favourites, alongside Sport Mixtures (f**k you Wine Gums you fat, 10 a packet, f**ks!). But I like them refrigerated for that extra chew. Which then got us on to chocolate. The missus detests it, if I buy a multi pack of Twirls (another favourite), they’re straight in the fridge. To the point she’s then having to think ahead & get one out early doors if she’s anticipating having one in the evening after tea. I know what you’re thinking, cheeky b*****d, if you don’t like it refrigerated, get your own chocol
  12. Yeah, continuing to regret this decision
  13. 50 so far. Which looked quite respectable prior to Villa v United The Leicester bumming didn’t help, Maddison in particular has been a terrible transfer. But plenty of time to go, just need United to gas & my 6 players facing them to run riot
  14. Canned this idea, ended up doing JWP for Mount instead. Had planned a -4 both this week & next jumping off Chelsea & Leicester, both of whom blank in 36. Bringing in a United player doesn’t solve that issue given they also blank in 36. Risky, but if it wasn’t a TGW I wouldn’t have considered them anyway. Was going to go Trent Captain but I think Salah will be a differential anyway, we’ll see though. JWP is quite a boring move but I do like Southampton’s fixtures. Now to hide behind the couch when United play
  15. Keep thinking a United player is a no brainer, but then 3 games in 5 days is ridiculous, tough fixtures alongside rotation risk. Had Mount to Sigurdsson pencilled in prior, now thinking Greenwood if he comes through tonight unscathed.
  16. Gone up a level, the difference Dias has made to this team too. He wasn’t even our 1st choice target last summer, madness
  17. Just can’t teach such s**thousery. The master of the dark arts
  18. Funnily enough I was debating the same with Kane this week (for DCL), his fixtures are decent but with company up top in the form of Bale, will he end up being more of a provider But then he could easily bang in 4 against Leeds & leave me having had a mare. That 2nd team looks decent though dude!