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  1. Ooomph. The absolute Schick of it!!
  2. Amazed by that myself aye!!
  3. 1st Leeds player to get an England assist since David Batty, lovely stat!
  4. And we’re off! All aboard the hype train boys
  5. Ironically straight out of the Sterling playbook that
  6. My brain is struggling to compute Pickford having a flowing head of hair. When did that happen!?
  7. Bored now. Southgate Ooooot!!
  8. He could play keeper if he’s bagging a hatrick tbf Here’s hoping we’re all wrong
  9. Trippier to stick one in top bins
  10. Shouldn't we begin the enquiry after the match? Could prove to be a master stroke
  11. I think the producers should have cut away as soon as they realised the severity really.
  12. Feeling a little numb after watching that. 🙏 the guy pulls through.
  13. Awful. This doesn’t look good in the slightest. Thing is, the medical staff can’t move him until they revive him I’m guessing.
  14. Don’t go electric (I think you’d struggle anyway tbf given the size ) , Petrol all the way. My old man is a Gardner, told me if you’re going Petrol, it has to be a Mountfield. I took his advice & picked up this a couple of months ago, slightly above your budget but again, don’t go electric! https://www.mowers-online.co.uk/lawn-care-garden-care/lawnmowers/petrol-lawnmower/push-rotary-mower/4-wheel-mower8/mountfield-hp414-hp41-push-petrol-rotary-lawnmower?utm_source=google-product-search-us-en&utm_medium=product_search&utm_campaign=google-product-search-us-en&
  15. True dude, it’s just incredibly frustrating. First chance we get at having fans back in the stadium, a chance to celebrate an ounce of normality returning to our lives, we choose to boo. I use the term “we” very loosely, but still. I miss the days lambasting other nations for being years behind us, couldn’t have been more wrong.
  16. We truly are a horrible nation, no wonder no pookeynoodle likes us.
  17. Got the missus pestering me to pick some trainers for my birthday next month. An absolute Adidas whore, love a retro look. Still undecided but some that have taken my fancy. I just want them all
  18. Switzerland & Italy in the work Sweepstake
  19. Oh aye, if it works he’s a genius, if it doesn’t he’s a cheeky b*****d for having the audacity Wouldn't have it any other way tbh. When it’s good it’s ridiculous Just need to take the failings for what they are.
  20. Just not fully fit. That & its been so long since he was our main striker, the team have kicked on without him. Or more without a striker basically. Ask any City fan & they'd have Aguero starting regardless, we’ve just operated better without. The Everton match was a glorious send off mind But aye, not that Chelsea will give 2 f**ks, but their performance doesn't seem to get the credit it should. Ones to watch next season for sure.
  21. No complaints on the back 5. Then you’d have Fernandinho holding. Gundo & KDB ahead. Foden & Mahrez out wide. The only dilemma that should have presented itself is do you play Jesus up top or put Bernardo Silva in there & play the false 9. On recent form it’s hard to look beyond the latter.
  22. Bizarre line up, Pep just can’t help himself ffs Never in it, deservedly lost that. Just disappointing when our strongest line up appears so obvious.
  23. Such a shame, the guy was a breath of fresh air when he joined, his social media presence wasn’t like anything we’d seen before either. Became a fans favourite before he'd even kicked a ball. Definitely time to move him on sadly.