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  1. Grealish to City rumours look to be gaining some legs, wouldn’t have had that down as a priority, but I’m all over it if true. Can’t see Spurs selling Kane to an EPL side, even if he rocked the boat, Levy isn’t one to buckle. He’d be though. Although surely more expensive than Haaland would be The versatility of Cancelo makes LB less of a drama these days, but I think if we can ship Mendy out & reinvest on a replacement, perfect.
  2. Won this weeks H2H by 14 points, finished Top by a point I’ll take that after a disaster season, ironically finished 10th in the league having failed to get a sniff of it all season
  3. Inject this s**t into my veins
  4. I’m not crying, you’re crying!!
  5. Great move for him
  6. Aye, it’s been a really s**t season for me, never had a sniff in the league, still not got into the Top 10 I’m blaming it on the bizarre season we’ve had anyway Looking forward to matches playing at the same time next season anyway, these GW’s have been drawn out to f**k, taken a lot of the enjoyment away.
  7. Ings out, Bamford in Couldn't really look beyond him in the end. My H2H opponent currently doesn’t have him, but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t add him to his Leeds contingent of Dallas & Harrison. Slightly tempted to do NcNeil to Raphina for -4, but last GW of the season, I think I’m just going to leave it & hope for the best.
  8. Lost my H2H by 5 points, although luckily the guy behind me also lost, meaning I go into the final GW 1 point ahead The -4 on Willock & Mane proved canny with 17 points returned. Rudiger (9points) 1st sub was painful to see. Patricio bizarrely benched & Ings just refusing to return anything since I brought him in. 1 point as a sub, couldn’t make it up! May need to take another hit unless Patricio or Forster are confirmed to feature. I was thinking Kane to Aguero otherwise. Or maybe Ings to a Bamford/Rodrigo or Wood
  9. Jota & Mahrez out, Mane & Willock in Couldn't look beyond the fixtures, Mahrez I think only plays 1 of the 2 remaining games, likewise potentially Greenwood, although I think both start their next matches. But The Cringe after their WBA heroics will have their tails up & Willock, especially after demanding to take the Penalty last week (albeit he missed), looks like a lad on a point proving mission. Concerns me having no Leeds players, but aside from that
  10. Torn on what to do about Mahrez this week. Not played a single minute of the last 3 league matches, surely due a run to keep his eye in. Jota is out, few options but I’m thinking Raphina, Willock or Greenwood. Alternatively, taking a -4 to remove Jota & Mahrez for Mane & Willock looks quite appealing too
  11. Somehow, I’ve blagged victory by 4 points! Largely due to the 8 points I recouped off the bench. That & DCL blanking. I’ll take it! Top of the league by a point with 2 to go
  12. Goes from bad to worse, just checked his team, he’s triple captained DCL the b*****d
  13. Benched. pookeynoodle hasn’t featured for the last 2 matches ffs
  14. Last minute change, Maddison out, Mahrez in. -8 but a much more exciting pick with McNeil now benched so sod it
  15. Failed it 1st time, mainly because I did zero prep & my sister wanted some company. Passed it the 2nd time Just the 5 driving tests followed before I actually managed to pass the b*****d Nerves got the better of me. Although never been done for speeding, never had an accident (Admittedly did get banned for 3 months for an alcohol related offence, but my driving still excellent )
  16. Iheanacho & Vardy out, Antonio & Ings in Quite liked DCL too, but ended up basing it off ownership in the end. Taken a -4, although I’m not liking McNeil in the midfield so may yet take a -8. That said, I’m playing 1st place in my works H2H this week, now only 2 points behind in the league Do I need unnecessary hits
  17. How are you fund wise? Raphina & Antonio spring to mind there. Or even Bamford actually.
  18. Pep wanted him. Serves you right you sniping f**kers
  19. I think Tyler has aged really badly these past few years, loved him on this though, thought he nailed it. Although he could have said anything tbf
  20. Will never forget Mancini shouting “f**k you” to his players. Most managers would try & rally the troops, not Bobby Manc the mad b*****d, love him!