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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57098432 Interesting turn of events, hard to see how DAZN can get any kind of foothold in the UK market without football on its platform
  2. Admittedly, this stemmed from a Midget Gem discussion, one of my favourites, alongside Sport Mixtures (f**k you Wine Gums you fat, 10 a packet, f**ks!). But I like them refrigerated for that extra chew. Which then got us on to chocolate. The missus detests it, if I buy a multi pack of Twirls (another favourite), they’re straight in the fridge. To the point she’s then having to think ahead & get one out early doors if she’s anticipating having one in the evening after tea. I know what you’re thinking, cheeky b*****d, if you don’t like it refrigerated, get your own chocol
  3. Yeah, continuing to regret this decision
  4. 50 so far. Which looked quite respectable prior to Villa v United The Leicester bumming didn’t help, Maddison in particular has been a terrible transfer. But plenty of time to go, just need United to gas & my 6 players facing them to run riot
  5. Canned this idea, ended up doing JWP for Mount instead. Had planned a -4 both this week & next jumping off Chelsea & Leicester, both of whom blank in 36. Bringing in a United player doesn’t solve that issue given they also blank in 36. Risky, but if it wasn’t a TGW I wouldn’t have considered them anyway. Was going to go Trent Captain but I think Salah will be a differential anyway, we’ll see though. JWP is quite a boring move but I do like Southampton’s fixtures. Now to hide behind the couch when United play
  6. Keep thinking a United player is a no brainer, but then 3 games in 5 days is ridiculous, tough fixtures alongside rotation risk. Had Mount to Sigurdsson pencilled in prior, now thinking Greenwood if he comes through tonight unscathed.
  7. Gone up a level, the difference Dias has made to this team too. He wasn’t even our 1st choice target last summer, madness
  8. Just can’t teach such s**thousery. The master of the dark arts
  9. Funnily enough I was debating the same with Kane this week (for DCL), his fixtures are decent but with company up top in the form of Bale, will he end up being more of a provider But then he could easily bang in 4 against Leeds & leave me having had a mare. That 2nd team looks decent though dude!
  10. Team looks quite tidy ahead of this week. Went early with Alonso out for Digne because I expect Digne's price to rise ahead of the deadline (plus I was f**king fuming with Alonso! ) Debating a -4 to remove either Mount or Maddison. Chelsea & Leicester Blank in GW36 & their fixtures turn after this week, so ideally need to look at shifting 2/3 of them over the next 2 GW's. Got Antonio, Ings & maybe even Aguero earmarked for the forwards, wouldn't mind trying to shoehorn Bale into that Midfield if funds will allow. Thinking Sigurdsson or maybe even Torres (both 6.9) if I
  11. Oh, and the added bonus, this is my opponent in my work H2H (I’m currently on 19 points). May just blag myself victory with the lowest points haul all season Awaits the Lingard hatrick.....
  12. My Alonso punt failed miserably. f**ker came on for the last 9 minutes Got told Spurs won 4-0 last night & through gritted teeth I asked how Kane did. Couldn’t believe my luck Still a really really s**t week for me, but I do still have 4 guys in play despite the Utd v Liv match so there’s still a slim chance of salvaging some respectability
  13. Gone rogue & ignored my previous thoughts. McNeil in for Traore (kept hold of Jota due to fixtures/switch to Siggy for DGW). Also gone Alonso Captain. This has stung me before when he didn’t even feature if I remember right, so I’m going in for another nibble in the hope of a differential haul 4 points behind 1st in my Work League H2H but I’ve a 7 point gap to 3rd, so room to experiment & try & haul myself up the other mini league.
  14. Been debating shifting Jota for Siggy Also want Dallas, but I like the look of Alonso this week & then Leeds face Spurs next week But I’m thinking I need some Everton assets, likewise Leeds, plus most in my league have Jota & if I’m wanting to make ground, I think I need to mix it up a little. There’s also Jota to Greenwood but it doesn’t really feel like the right GW for that move.
  15. Looking the same with regards to a lack of immediate changes. I think Maddison needs moving but Southampton & Newcastle next, the lad is surely due a haul. Likewise the Wolves triple up looks to be coming to an end due to fixtures but may get away with rolling the FT this week.
  16. Not too shabby a week with 73 points. Although that last minute Son penalty was a killer from a work league perspective Team looks in good shape ahead of tonight’s deadline. Aguero out, Vardy in after last nights shenanigans. Although rumours are Jota is injured, so unsure if a -4 is worthwhile (for Lingard probably) or I just put my faith in one of my subs. The Cringe’s fixtures are so good long term, will need to see how long he’s out for Also a bit worrying I’m relying on just 4 teams to do well, but we’ll see
  17. Went to s**t the moment they got a shirt sponsor. That shirt prior
  18. He was pretty late tbf, studs showing too. It’s clumsy from Stones, not intentional by any means but reckless nonetheless. Feel for him a little bit, been excellent for us, the rotation with Laporte not really doing him or what was once our watertight defence any favours.