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  1. https://theathletic.com/news/eddie-hearn-dazn-matchroom-contract-sky/NYr8BZEx52BR As expected, Matchroom to leave SKY & join DAZN Premier League next, the auctions for UK Broadcasting rights for the 2022-2025 seasons starts later this year
  2. Oh yeah, but putting that to one side, it wouldn’t detract from the quality of the league. The 6 teams would still take the competition seriously. What the rest play for is another matter altogether, you’re right there. But I don’t envisage the CL being scrapped due to this. That doesn’t line the pockets of the governing bodies.
  3. Apparently there’s 2 clubs close to bailing on this. I’ll be amazed it it’s not City & Chelsea, both of whom weren’t fully agreed to the whole thing until the last minute, allegedly.
  4. So say this went ahead, somehow squeezed into the calendar, maybe as a CL replacement. Do you really expect a different name on the EPL Trophy come the end of the season?
  5. Looking at the teams, you’ve City, whose every success has been put down to oil money. So they’re greedy b*****ds anyway. United, been in Perma-Debt ever since the Glaziers took over. Spurs, glorious new stadium to pay for. Chelsea, always classed themselves as this cosmopolitan London club with an owner who may becoming bored at their lack of recent success. Arsenal just can’t believe their luck, even though they still won’t spend. The Cringe is the one I’m struggling with, American owners?
  6. Is it? All I’m seeing is the intentions of a new league & some wild assumptions that have followed. Until anything is actually decided by all the governing bodies involved, we can speculate it’s the death of football, or that everything will work out in the end. I like the latter approach Jokes aside, if I was a fan of one of the other 14 teams, I’d be quietly getting a chub on at the potential opportunities of success this may represent.
  7. Would the non big 6 not then get the opportunity to play in the CL? I think it could be interesting, more competitive even (Bayern & PSG aside). We won’t lose these teams from the leagues, likewise I don’t think this will affect those that play international football. I wouldn’t underestimate just how much the league would remain the priority either. If it does go ahead (which I still find doubtful), I’m pretty sure some form of agreement can be found. It’ll basically be a glorified pre season tournament.
  8. Aye, it’s been a couple of days now & I'm still not seeing it Some absolute Worldy assumptions being thrown about, when in truth this will all proceed quite amicably I’m sure.
  9. All this going on, didn’t even realise Mourinho had been sacked
  10. DAZN getting involved is really interesting, they’ve taken a while launching over here, looks like they’re going to pick up Matchroom Boxing from SKY, whose contract is up this summer, but it’s the football where the moneys at. Another major player throwing their hat in the ring, deal me in!
  11. Oh no, I think in that respect it’s a shambles. We’ve obviously jumped aboard through fear of missing out. Completely the wrong thing to do. But anything anti UEFA, however short term it’ll be (I’ll be amazed if this actually gets going), I’m all for it. They’ve taken the p**s far too long.
  12. So as it stands. Leicester, West Ham, Everton & Leeds (MOT!) are CL bound next season. CL money for them, Super League money from the ‘Big Six’, this is great for English football. No job losses, extra revenue for an additional 4 teams = more jobs. We’re basically tackling a pandemic & Brexit in 1 hit here
  13. Looks legit! Get the popcorn ready boys!
  14. Where's the issue? It’s just another variation on FFP, no? UEFA did their best to protect the elite, that didn’t work, the elite decided to protect themselves. They’re all guilty. Shouldn't affect things domestically, why should it?
  15. Aye, I like the fact the fans think they do. Ticket prices anyone?
  16. Exactly that, remember the 39th game idea? FIFA Expanding the World Cup, UEFA creating a new tinpot tournament. It’s not for the good of the game, it’s to squeeze every last penny out of it. A few clubs decide to cut out the middle man & everyone shouts Greed!! Football was eating itself long before this, if it goes ahead or not, I’m not against a cheeky shake up
  17. Ignoring the actual tournament, is it just me quite liking seeing UEFA see their arse over it? They’ve been bent as s**t for years, giving out paltry fines for racism, going big on tedious s**t such as coming out of the tunnel late. I’m all over an independent entity offering an alternative. Who knows, maybe we’ll see things governed better in the future. FIFA & UEFA corrupt as buggery, a big tasty fall out long overdue
  18. Good start! Returns from the Wolves boys Patricio, Coady & Adama Nobody in action for me today, this GW is going to be painfully long!
  19. Figured everyone would have used the TC by now, appearing left, right & centre in my work league the b*****ds
  20. The embrace Couldn't be in better hands that lad!
  21. I’ve gone early, a little bit reluctantly, but I fear Neto’s price may drop these coming days. With 0.3 in the bank, I’ve exactly enough to bring in Adama Traore. A shadow of last seasons glories, but an assist & a goal in his last 2 games, often plays 90 minutes, I’m all aboard the differential Have held fire on shifting Aguero, with Spurs blanking in GW 33, figure I’m best assessing the striking options then given Kane will be benched that week.