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  1. Would help if I used the correct image
  2. Currently looking like this. Never thought I’d see the day I’d contemplate a Brighton triple up, but looking at a potential -8 to bring in Trossard & Welbeck should Son & Bamford be confirmed to be out this weekend
  3. No Sterling, no Aubameyang, Son & Bamford injured. Cancelo transferred out = Cancelo haul! The week that saw me wave the white flag Doing well in my H2H league, currently 3rd, 4 points off Top Spot. Playing against AVERAGE this week, easy I thought! Nope! Looked set for a full 11 next week having planned ahead. Now have doubts about Auba, Son & Bamford. Although given my current predicament & a Wildcard still to use, no point playing safe now, points hits incoming if required
  4. Damn, out of practice on them filters
  5. Got a slight heart murmur, guessing that’s DO NOT BUY THIS PLAYER HE IS TRULY AWFUL AND HE WILL BE GOING TO MLS AND AWOL FROM PESed me up the queue
  6. Got mine booked in for the 15th, not ideal being before a night shift, but I’ll make it work
  7. 59 points, cheers Pep! Time to get off the City train, Cancelo out for Veltman Sterling with a stay of execution this week, most likely switch for Bale ahead of GW29. Not worth taking the hit to do it sooner.
  8. Yeah, reviews weren’t great. I just wouldn’t mind owning one for the notorious Alpha experience
  9. f**king feels like 4 years ago!! Yeah, my tax will go from £20 to £300 a year Could buy the car ive got (Polo Match) outright for 5k, but I was doing 3 miles a day to work when I got it so it was perfect. Changed jobs since then & the non existent engine is painfully noticeable. Plus there’s the trips out with the dog. Was looking at the Alpha Romeo Mito originally. Despite everyone saying don’t get one, I just love the look of them. But the missus has a Kia Sportage, so the idea is I get the big daft practical motor & she upgrades/downsizes her car next year
  10. Haha, very true. Will do some digging today, cheers fella!
  11. In the car I’m after, aye. Haha, that’s interesting. Won’t rule test driving one out if it ticks all the other boxes then. Could be interesting
  12. Seen a few automatics pop up too, which I’ve never driven before. Heard a few conflicting opinions on this, some say they’re s**t, others say once you automatic you never go back
  13. Yeah, wee bit pricey for me sadly. I’ll await their BIN prices, so if a bargain pops up Cheers though DJ
  14. Cheers dude, got a few garages on there not too far from me which I’ll check out. I’m guessing there’s little to no difference going through Autotrader or just contacting the garage directly? 🤔
  15. Got my car on PCP 4 years ago, the final payment is next month. Figured I’d just upgrade when the time came but the repayments on a new model were higher than anticipated & putting more deposit down to reduce the payments just made no sense. So I’m giving it back & going down the used car route. Been a while since I’ve dabbled with this, but is AutoTrader still the go to for buying used cars or is there more options these days? Looking to spend between 2-4k, intrigued by the Freelander 2 also.
  16. Having a bit of a stinker this week, started so well getting Aubameyang in for Bruno too 56 points once Coufal comes in for Rudiger, all hopes on Sterling as Captain, which pretty much guarantees he’ll be benched against Southampton Think I need to start punting on the obscure with Captaincies, just can’t make inroads on the Top 10.
  17. Same 80 points (including -4), bit of a disaster all things considered. I did at least reduce my deficit to the top of the league by a mighty 17 points though Now 101 points behind Fixtures look good for me this week, just need to target GW29 players & in particular, find a Bruno replacement
  18. 60 points at the halfway stage, only 4 of the 11 returned Seeing Fulham drawing 0-0 I was delighted, only to learn Aina went off after 45 minutes, wasn’t even injured! Hopefully Cancelo & Sterling in particular return tomorrow & the 2nd half of this GW is more productive. Martinez btw, absolute points whore
  19. Do you not believe the vaccine will be effective? Huge difference from last summer, when we were unprepared & without any form of immunisation. We couldn’t be in a better position, could we?
  20. Everyone over 50 to have been offered a vaccine by April the 15th. Every adult to have been offered it come July. What’s not to love?
  21. Noooo! Positivity from here on in, the good times are coming, throw in some global warming, summer is going to be glorious Next winter will be another matter altogether, you’d hope lessons have been learnt, but we’ll see
  22. Well, it looks like good news after good news these days as the numbers continue to fall. Summer on the way, new vaccines due to be signed off, surely we’re coming to the end of all this? 1st works doo of the year booked in for the 19th of April £12 a pint? Take my money!! Just need to get the missus back in the office & normality will be resumed. Although I fear she’s become far too comfortable with this working from home malarkey & will push to keep it going