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  1. right you f**ker, your the second person to say that to me today! lol, im downloading a few programs to raise my animated text game! your right though. it is dog s**t.
  2. Brizzle is decent though. He has kept very quiet, you could be setting yourself up for a fall here!
  3. Great goal scored in teamplay by @Timbovici! tag your team mates dude, you can hear all the pookeynoodles in the background anyway! we have at least 3 more goals coming in the next few days! keep em coming lads!
  4. Thursday night we have a friendly against bavaria! should be good, join us!
  5. the first photo was cute. the second was a Frillypink touch. now im concerned your obsessed with pussy. there is a cat thread somewhere. i think @Phillyrich and @DJTruckstop76 are the cat lovers.
  6. it was a poetic day. i was so much better than trucker that year. the pumpings were daily.
  7. i had to sing him a song. it came up on my facebook today.
  8. ok guys the next goal, sent in by @Govie scored in teamplay by barrymore no less! enjoy!!! if you like the goal, stick a like on! come on lads, takes 2 mins to send me a video to enter in goal of the season and there is a copy of PES 2022 up for grabs!