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  1. and thats why 25% of the population are vaccinated. not like in ireland. i think we have done 4 people and a dog.
  2. so @Janguv the guy so left wing that he makes chairman mao look like boris johnson wants to take on @Gregmeister the brexit loving, beer swilling brummie. (greg might not have voted for brexit) 1.5 mill per show!!!! also the WAPES Match of the week will be on at 6.30pm! double bubble, what a night! get in! @Big Boss could you tag the league for me! thanks dude, see you all there!
  3. oh lets do it!!! do it, do it, do it!!!!
  4. looks like no show this week....sadface.
  5. To old for that mate, lol. Im a lover not a fighter.
  6. 107KG, need to lose some weight. am i getting too hench?
  7. is anyone up for it? we have been on a good run, challenge someone! @Janguv i think you were interested?
  8. yep its a good account dude! thanks!
  9. to clairfy it isnt DJ on the crane...we use to live with a guy called zach. he was basically threatening to jump off the crane. trying to raise a few quid for him, jsut to get his rent up to date and some food in the cupboards.
  10. https://gofund.me/dde63793 a Very good friend of mine and @DJTruckstop76 who we both lived with in lanzarote is going through a hard time. The economy in Lanzarote is 99% tourism which is basically been decimated. please if you can donate anything for this good friend of ours it would be greatly appreciated. we just want to get him back on his feet. he has worked all his life, but has been left behind. @Big Boss can you tag the leagues. thanks in advance to everyone.
  11. play for hand shandies. at the next meet up the loser has to wank the other off. although with davor being a sailor......
  12. hi lads, tonights game is @Timbovici Vs @d-a_BAT! lads i cant send D-a_bat a message so both confirm here! - 1.5 mill to show, last weeks payout will be sorted tomorrow as well, i promise (im a lazy pookeynoodle) @Big Boss could you tag the leagues! https://www.twitch.tv/steveonpes
  13. You know what would be AMAZING. Every player in the database goes into a pot. We start at the highest rated player. Every manager gets a number. 1 to 100. Then first ball goes to manager 1. Second ball manager 2. Etc. All teams get completely changed. Basically a reset but with same database.