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  1. Clear to see Brexit was a bad decision. i would have voted for it, (had i lived in the uk), but i would have been wrong. the whole world is in a s**t state, but to be fair we are getting it worse than anyone.
  2. anyone around, im on for the next 30 mins, cheers!
  3. its a bank holiday weekend here lads, so im on 12 hours shifts till tuesday, ill make a big effort to bang some out next week. cheers!
  4. Yeah ill stay in, cant have him winning the league
  5. done. wish everyone on the community sites would fill this in, people are moaning but probably not making konami aware of what we want. manual filters, 11 v11 and master league. if a thousand people filled this in saying it, we might just get it.
  6. needless hack at 2-0 down and says you play like a pookeynoodle, lol this guy is a absolute spoon. i cant be in the league with this div. its just too much hassle, sorry @miken333 im gonna bail on this.
  7. dan losing = you played like a pookeynoodle. simplest equation on PEN @Bully
  8. say 1pm? doing a bloody food safety course for work
  9. anyone around for a few @CMYKhazi @djquantum @Brizzle @miken333 @EagleLM @Shooto @zeemeister @mowgli77 @Bully @dobermanxedos9 im about for the next few hours. @kenkuturagii think we have one more as well, cheers.
  10. didn't realize you got extra points for that, f**k, all these years and i thought all goals counted the same.
  11. https://www.statista.com/statistics/225698/monthly-inflation-rate-in-eu-countries/
  12. just back from Amsterdam. the wife has a Irish passport, i have a UK passport and we got through pretty much the same time. she beat me once, i beat her once. nothing like the chaos we were promised. in terms of the economy...yes its in the s**tter with major inflation, huge price hikes in the energy sector and a housing crisis. im in Ireland and guess what....its EXCATLY the same here. and in Germany. and in France. and in America. And in Australia. do i have a tiny bit of Brexit regret...yeah, maybe. but has the UK imploded? no. anyone who says different is unaware of the global economy.
  13. im still unbeaten homie, a few too many draws but i think i will have too much for this shower of s**te. the only issue could be @Brizzle boring teams into submission.
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