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Any PC players here looking to join an 11x11 passing based team?

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Welcome to F.C Positional Play. We are a club with high affinity towards the football system of Positional Play, a philosophy used by club managers such as Pep Guardiola, Johan Cruyff + many more. Our aim is to follow the principles of this style of play.

Our aim is to find like-minded people, who love beautiful and sophisticated football just as much as we do, to create a powerful team with ambitious, talented and friendly players at the same time.

Our philosophy in possession:

First and foremost,*** Playing simple football***. e.g. Recycling the ball when that killer pass is no longer an realistic option to you.

Playing a short, passing, possession game - Using short passing to progress the ball from our GK to the opposition goal.

Having the courage & confidence to play our passing game different scenarios such as in tight areas or beating an opponents high press

"Move the opponent, not the ball. Invite the opponent to press. You have the ball on one side, to finish on the other." – Pep Guardiola

Out of possession:

  • Looking to win the ball high in dangerous areas

  • Regaining possession as soon as we lose the ball

  • Still pressing even if we are already winning

"Do you know how Barcelona win the ball back so quickly? It’s because they don’t have to run back more than 10 metres as they rarely pass the ball more than 10 metres." – Johann Cruyff

As a member of this club we require you to be:

  • Intelligent on the ball; knowing how to play a short passing possession game.

  • Knowing how to keep the principles our passing game under pressure e.g. an high opposition press.

  • Passionate about football - We take delight in pursuing our goals seriously.

  • To not use ANY offensive/racist/bigotry language

  • Some of our Build Up& Possession play:



    Endorsed by Spoony Pizzas 😎

    Looking for attackers & defenders, add me on either steam: RegistaTempo or Discord ScottJDP#0111


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