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Used this most of last season and done relatively OK with it but I'm struggling to score or defend this season and not sure why. Any ideas would be helpful as I can't figure it out. 





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What kind of problems u have on defense, do they enter through the middle or using wings?

And whats your problem in attack? You don't see enough runs? Players got stuck in tight spaces? Maybe clipping a match would be good to see what's the deal here @swinny

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2 Goal Poachers only really works if you want to spam early through balls. They'll always be running away from the ball when you have it so means you have fewer passing options.

I'd say get a Target Man or Dummy Runner to play alongside Simeone, maybe a Fox or even someone without a CF playstyle. Should give you more options when on the attack.

Never been a fan of aggressive pressuring myself, especially in a All Out Defence system, means defenders break ranks - 2 Destroyers too in CB won't aid that either - probably creates gaps in the middle of your defence.

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