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Can u fit square pegs on round holes

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Klich box 2 box 

Will hughes orchestra

Fofana box 2 box

Romero at amf hole player

I have klich as dmf on defensive in advanced settings " feel he is wasted there as a great box to boxer...

Any tips be good or should I play hughes there ??

Or fofana ?

Any advice be good wanna play all 4 If possible..



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Depends what you want to do.

Personally if I had an Orchestrator, two B2Bs and a Hole Player I wanted to start I'd use a diamond with Hughes at the base, the two B2Bs either side and the Hole Player at the top. 

The Orchestrator should sit deeper due to his playstyle but you could use Defensive to be doubly sure. The B2Bs should be active in defence and attack.

Hughes a better tackler than Klich too so should be best in that deeper lying role.

But then I wouldn't use a player in his B-position so I wouldn't be using Romero at AMF.

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I play 4141

The 4 in midfield are a wide amf on the left (who’s a hole player), then an rmf and 2 cmfs.

So if it was me I’d play Hughes as a dmf, then your 2 box to box in the middle, and Romero as a wide amf.

But I suppose it depends if you can play with one upfront.

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If you are set on playing diamond, then

Could do this:Screenshot_20210203-172647.jpg.0d19071c911deeb0b9c3fd935808cdc4.jpg

Or put Hughes at AMF and get an Anchor Man or Destroyer to play DMF.

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