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How manual is manual?

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Might seem like a silly question, but often hear from FUMA players when a new PES comes out, stuff like "Manual feels easier this year", etc. 

And I've started to notice small things on the pitch where it just feels like there's some assistance at play. See the first pass in the clip below (Hudson-Odoi -> Camavinga), which felt weird to me at the time: 


The power bar is about 60% power, approaching 2/3rds full maybe: 1440014661_Screenshot2021-04-15at23_51_24.png.2d806617ef507f9f45b073411a24166c.png

But it softly loses its pace in time for Camavinga to collect without any awkward first-touch issues from ball momentum: 


It's really not had far to travel and seems very underpowered, imo, given the space and the power bar. 

Could it just be because it's on the turn and awkwardly positioned? PES does have some weird ball physics these days in that respect, but normally you get overhit passes where you would expect underhit passes due to positioning. 

Compare it with a pass a few seconds later: 


That Boadu pass is maybe pushing 40% power, but it travels probably further without as much slowdown: 



Am I looking into it too much? Or is it something FUMA players notice too? Been bugging me for a while. I notice it also with long switches of play. I get them pinpoint accurate with alarming frequency, where simply I don't think my fine skill at getting the exact right power and angle is good enough for the end result, which is often perfect. 

Is this something that happens? Is this a bad example because of the angle of the player, but it happens in other cases? 

Trying to wrap my head around it! 

In short, I think "FUMA" is like PA 0.5. Which I'm fine with. It's very fun, and much less forgiving than the PA settings. But it doesn't actually feel "full" manual to me. 

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I notice a difference in Sergi Roberto in my Ratio team passing the ball, compared to other players. So I agree with @brenbrad7 on this.

Sergi passing seems a lot more crisp and even easier to direct if that makes sense, compared to using Moriba who is mid 70's for passing, whereas Sergi is mid 80's for both passing stats.

I think it all comes into play a lot more, position of player, direction of the pass, but I think the fundamental part is the attributes. It relies a lot more on the players stats as well as your own skill to use those stats to full effect. 

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10 minutes ago, brenbrad7 said:

I think the power is relative to the player positioning, dependant on the direction the player passing the ball is facing in relation to the pass intended, that along with the stronger/weaker foot. 

Yup, agree with all that. I think there's also an assistance at play too, though, probably fuelled by player stats, on at least the acceleration of the pass and the slow-down relative to nearby players. 

11 minutes ago, brenbrad7 said:

In some instances players that don't possess decent passing stats are quite poor at first time high powered passes which generally trickle a yard from their feet.

Agree, and that's also an example of assistance – so I think we're saying the same thing in different ways, right? I'm not sure I deem it a problematic form of assistance... it makes sense! But it's assistance nonetheless. If PES didn't have this sort of thing on a passing mode, that mode would make the game Sensible Soccer, I think.

7 minutes ago, JmG said:

I think the fundamental part is the attributes


But all this added up: passing stats (passing skill traits too), player positioning, weak/strong foot, ball momentum, etc. – add that all up and you realise that having a sense of the "right" input is often something pretty unconscious and sometimes simply lucky. Sometimes just very hard to gauge or figure out that you need X amount of power for something to come off.

How many times has it happened to you where you take a first-time pass and it's a pathetic dribble into nothingness? Normally it's because the animation is such that the player takes it in a half-stride. But there are other times where they don't do that, and it seems pretty random and unpredictable to me when the animations will play out in that manner.

So the net effect of all this, I feel, is a passing setting – for better or worse – which isn't really manual. Just much less assisted than PA1.

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The word Manual...is just a term in this game, it'll never be "full manual" as it'd be unplayable 😅.

It should be called Less assisted for passing , even less assisted for shooting and even even (I know it's incorrect ) less assisted for crossing ..for me anyway. 

Passing stats, shooting stats  etc should account for for a greater degree of inaccuracy in your input and a greater degree of accuracy in the final ball/shot. 

Despite ALL it's shortcomings ..let's not get started on the refs, player collisions, quick free kicks! And Goal keeper slow Mo after saving and catching a shot.  I still love. Played in the right spirit amongst like-minded inviduals...like on PEN. :pen:  it's a joy :)

(I'm not up v v v late , I'm just up  early for a flight)

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Back to the topic at hand, 

I stick by what I said earlier... manual is just less assisted. Can be infuriating at times when a simple short through ball  goes straight to the opponent's GK.. even though you just tapped the button for the right amount of power.. but I keep coming back more more and need my daily fixture..

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What about the weighted pass card? 

That seems to take some zip off the ball as it arrives at the desired target's feet. 

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29 minutes ago, DJTruckstop76 said:

What about the weighted pass card? 

That seems to take some zip off the ball as it arrives at the desired target's feet. 

Yeah it does, and I think that's also an example of assistance. I don't know how I feel about these types of cards. In that example it's not too bad, but in others it feels gamebreaking. Like, a player can't do a very simple first-time pass because they don't have the one-touch pass trait e.g.

There's defensive ones that are annoying too. Basically Konami have way too many tactical systems operating at the same time which leads to a weird mess on the pitch (tactical settings, advanced tactics, inspire stars, player roles, player positions, special traits). 

28 minutes ago, CMYKhazi said:

I turn the weighted pass assist off in the settings and use L3 and R3 together after passing to put backspin on the ball.

...speaking of a weird mess on the pitch. Hi mate!

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8 hours ago, CMYKhazi said:

Manual is assisted as FuKk, welcome to 2019.

Do you think if it was truly manual you'd not have sunk to D4?

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Just now, CMYKhazi said:


Not today mister!


That's a good line

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