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Xbox Community Night 1 - Vote for Availability

Vote for ALL dates you can make  

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Normal Setup below

  • Event sign-up opens on day of event at 12:30 (GMT+1)
  • Event sign-up closes at around 8pm (GMT+1)
  • Event starts at 8:30pm (GMT+1)

Pick all days you can make at the event time

It is likely we will run a cross platform Rocket League tournament on Sunday 25th July as Community Night 2 so look out for that announcement 

Format for Community Night 1 is TBD although likely to be a Euro themed ProEvo team-play event

@Xbox League

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Posted (edited)

Vote closes tomorrow just before midday @Xbox League

Two dates currently tied so would be good to get others availability (if you are available)

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Monday 19th July wins

Announcement and sign up to be posted on the date


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