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Sign Up Thread: PC Community Night 1

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Theme: Copa America

Pro Evolution Soccer Team-Play

Game 1: Bolivia Vs Ecuador
Game 2: Chile Vs Venezuela
Game 3: Argentina Vs Brazil

Settings: Setup a team-play room and password entrants (as I don't think you can invite on PC) then via discord share the room name and password @Nedden, @just.hung, @Why_So_Husky - one of you to set this up

When all that have signed up are in the team-play lobby (also ALL join one of the audio channels), click start and then keep your controller in the middle of the side selection screen and your side (left or right) will be automatically assigned. Home Team on the LEFT, Away team on the RIGHT

Personal recommendation if enough signups is to have 2 Players at ANY and then the rest as fixed positions. Based on Xbox experience the person doing the team selection should be one of the ANYs

Anyone wanting to play that is not currently in the PC League, discord invite: https://discord.gg/Gm2TjRqZ

Start time: 8:30 GMT+1

Sign up is open now and closes at 8:25 (GMT+1)

@PC League @PEN Members @New Members

  1. Nedden
  2. Bombin
  3. Lionheart (if possible)
  4. _braulio_
  5. BatrielGabistuta 
  6. Why_So_Husky

Any questions, etc. ask below. Post "in" if you want to play 

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6 minutes ago, BatrielGabistuta said:

I might not be able to make it, I will know closer to the starting time.

Okay, post up closer to the time 

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