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PC Community Night - October

PC Community Night Vote  

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@PC League

A few PENce to be earned for all those that can make the community night 

Right now maybe we can do the Euro Nations League finals in team-play (both semis then a final) although I am open to suggestions if you have other preferences

Will run from 8pm GMT+1 

Pick all dates that you think you can make at this time

Questions/suggestions, please post below


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  • BlondeDan featured and pinned this topic

Saturday 9th of October pipping the vote (as one voter for 10th is not PC unless I’m wrong @munkfish?)

PES2021 team-play it will be considering the lack of other suggestions here

Sign-up thread will be posted on the day


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5 minutes ago, ShakaRAMa said:

Is Sunday better now? :D

It’s the same now :lol:

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5 minutes ago, ShakaRAMa said:

oh, this is what I see


And @munkfish is not a PC player, so his vote doesn’t count

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4 pc players tussled it out for the Nations league semi finals and final in 2v2 team play. 

First up : Italy vs Spain 

A stunning 30 yard free kick in the 3rd minute from insigne and an immense Italian rear guard, reminiscent of Italian teams of old, gave the Azzuri victory. 


Second semi final recreated Belgium vs France. 

Two early goals by the French with the unplayable Mbappe scoring the second put them in control.  Belgium got one back, just before half time and then switched to a 4-2-3-1 for the 2nd half, but were ultimately denied a second goal which they probably deserved on the balance of play. 


The final.... 

A single goal is all it took as France took the lead against the run of play and did well to hold out against a rampant 1st half Spain.  As the game moved into the second half, France moved up a few gears and began to push for a second.  Ultimately it didn't come and France were the champions. 


Frillypink talking to you all, good luck for the rest of the window and season 20.

@BlondeDan please confirm you have witnessed the players above who took part please? 


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7 hours ago, Nedden said:

@BlondeDando you know when payout for this and the 2* matches takes place? 

After the ps community night this weekend 


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