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Seen a few folk mention in transfer threads the obligatory "upgrade guaranteed" comment (or words to that effect) 

Is that based on getting upgraded in efootball? And who knows how OVR ratings will work out in €. As I doubt that there will be any changes to pes21. Or am I barking up the wrong tree? 

Anyone buying a player based on a upgrade at some undisclosed point in the future is off there chump, imo. 


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I tend not to buy for the upgrades solely. Good players in game / playing well IRL will always be safe even if they don't get the anticipated upgrade they'll still hold a solid level and be usable for their in-game or on the market for their real-life. IMO. I think it's an approach that works as people tend to think I buy for the upgrades (not true) and have usually done well between games, so no reason to abandon the M.O even if eFootball is bad and there is uncertainty over how they will treat players.

If we're focusing on upgrades, I personally wouldn't invest in a team full of low rated players on a promise (especially with this kind of transition) unless I knew they were either undeniably nailed on (like say Dolberg back then) or I believed in the player from what I'd seen of them (Cucho springs to mind) - I probably wouldn't sell the latter type either so anyone after that type of player will probably have some sort of belief in their ability too if they're asking for them.

On that basis if I advertise a potential upgrade, I'm doing so using the above logic. Doesn't give it any more integrity or credibility but its the logic I used when acquiring them.



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