Ratio League

Play anyone, anytime.
Challenge any manager to a match, record the result. It's that simple.
You do not need to be in the leagues to take part.
Just build your team and start playing now!
Ratio League

Get Involved

With 200 games played every month, PEN's Ratio League is the best way to meet new managers and play games. Simply add PEN managers as friends on your console, invite and play. The more you win, the higher up the table you go. The more games you play, the better the division you can reach!
Ratio League

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The Ratio League is a free-for-all, with no set fixtures. Play who you want, when you want.

Taking part is simple, if you see a fellow PEN member online ask them if they want a Ratio League match. If they agree then post the result(s) in the relevant match results thread - and that's it! It really is that simple!

The Ratio League is split into three divisions, based on two main factors.
  • Firstly, number of matches. The more you play the higher the division, regardless if you win lose, or draw.
  • Within these leagues, your points ratio (actual points / maximum potential points) will determine your position within that division.
At the end of each month all results will be put together to form a league table, with three divisions split by number of games, and then your ratio of points gained will determine your spot within that division.

There will be three raffles per month, depending on how many matches you play will determine your eligibility, which will be reflected in the Division you finish on.

May 2020 Eligibility (as an example)
  • Tier 1 - FAF quality player - min 30 games
  • Tier 2 - YFA/OCW quality player - min 20 games
  • Tier 3 - squad quality player - min 10 games

For each tier you hit, you will also be entered into the tier below (ie if you play 26 matches you will be entered into tier 2 and 3 raffles). You can only win ONCE each month, therefore if you win the Tier 1 raffle, then you cannot win Tier 2 or 3.

Non League Members, An Avenue To a League Spot
If you are not yet a league member, the Ratio League is here to give you the opportunity to play against fellow managers, as well as to help work out your skill level within the community. League positions are given out based on community involvement, with the Ratio league being one of the key parts for this decision process.

It is highly recommended to participate with other managers, get involved and have some fun!
Match settings
Same as league games, but substitutes can be set to the maximum amount

Microphones are not needed for Ratio games, but they are recommended to discuss issues such as lag during a game etc.

League Members
Use your PEN team. Any deals that have been agreed & are in process of being completed, can be used. You can use players that are not on your PEN roster, but only if you are trialling. Any abusing of this will result in sticking to PEN teams only

Non-League members
If you do not have a PEN team, don't worry. Either build a custom team, or use any standard team that's 3.5 stars or less

Who you can play
You can play the same manager more than once, that's fine but remember, its in the spirit of PEN to play various managers so try to mix it up a little

How to arrange
Ask any manager for a Ratio game. This is key, you must agree BEFORE you play. Do not agree its a ratio at half time, when you are 2-0 up..... for example

Posting a Result
Use the dedicated on the forum.
You can post more than one result at a time. When posting, ensure the manager is tagged. He can then contest if he believes so, DO NOT agree results only comment if you wish to contest or correct a faulty score.

Any questions – Ask in the Ratio League Forum section
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